New York, NY, September 2006 – The Cyprus Tourism Organization in cooperation with the World Tourism Organization and the Church of Cyprus is organizing the 1st International Conference on Religious Tourism (ICORET) during October 19-21, 2006, in Nicosia, Cyprus.



It is anticipated that the industry servicing the sector worldwide and especially in Europe and the Mediterranean region, such as Travel Agents, Destination Management companies, industry analysts and the church body itself will participate. Aiming to tap into what is part of a US$18 billion industry and representing part of the 25% of the meetings industry in the US alone, the conference will formally instigate an initiative of elevating the status of religious tourism in Cyprus and the nearby region. In Europe it will cover both the demand and supply perspective of religious tourism and will provide networking opportunities to interested parties. The conference will also give the opportunity to organizations involved in religious tourism, as well as to newcomers to the field to obtain insight and know-how on religious tourism issues, practices and trends. The focus will primarily be on Christianity and on how can involved parties handle challenges that are expected to have positive influence in the development of this type of tourism. The conference includes an intensive, information-filled program to be delivered by experts in the field of religious tourism and technical visits to religious sites in Cyprus.  For registration and program information please visit and for more information on the island of Cyprus please contact Cyprus Tourism Organization (212) 683-5280, or visit