Obama's appeal grows as inauguration nears

A new poll suggests President-elect Barack Obama is more popular than ever ahead of Tuesday's inauguration with 84 percent of Americans saying they approve of how he has handled the transition. In an interview with CNN, Obama said being sworn into office would be an "extraordinary personal moment." full story

An open letter to Obama

Toxic debts and a crippled banking system await the president-elect. Todd Benjamin has some sage advice

Obama attends inaugural musical extravaganza

Obama Inauguration


Two days from the White House, the president-elect prayed, honored the nation's fallen heroes and joined a vast throng at an uplifting musical extravaganza at the base of the Lincoln Memorial.Full story

Springsteen kicks off preinaugural concert

Inauguration's meaning beyond moment

‘How Barack Obama Won’

In their new book, NBC's Chuck Todd and Sheldon Gawiser offer state-by-state explanations of how Barack Obama clinched the presidency. Read an excerpt here.


Photosynth: Obama's whistle stop

View an interactive 3-D image of President-elect Barack Obama's stop in Wilmington, Delaware.

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Image: Abraham Lincoln

Your guide to D.C.’s best presidential sights

A look at the capital haunts made famous by Barack Obama's predecessors – a pre


The Inauguration