European Parliament recognises ‘existential threat’ for Christians in Middle East

By Beata Stur, New Europe

The European Parliament adopted a report on February 1 that denounces the suffering of Christians under “Islamic radicalism”. The document makes explicit reference to “Christian communities in many parts of the world which are under existential threat from extremists and persecuted, tortured or killed on a regular basis solely because of their faith”.

The document also refers to the “persecution, especially of Christian communities in the Middle East as a consequence of Islamic radicalism and jihad”.

In an interview, an online news site with a worldview related to the European Evangelical Alliance (EEA) quoted the alliance’s representative in Brussels, Christel Lamère Ngnambi, as saying: “This is the closest language to mean ‘genocide’ without using that terminology. As far as I know, never has the European Parliament been so far, especially considering the fact that the Parliament’s – and the EU more generally – recent history has been, au contraire, to shy away from the disproportionate amount of targeted persecution against Christians in the Middle East”.