Internationally acclaimed vocalist DIAMANDA GALAS will perform
Amanedhes and Greek Rembetika songs at New York's hottest new venue, The Highline Ballroom, on August 19, 2007.  I have pasted the press release below for your perusal.  Thank you for spreading the word – and please let  me know if you would like to come review the concert!


“She plays the piano like driving rain slapping on concrete, and she sings like a demon going to war, a Valkyrie scatting, a lizard queen  seeking revenge for the dead….Galás is profound, rigorous, vocally  unlimited, terrifying and utterly compelling. To hear her is to have your  soul scoured clean.” â€"The Age Australia

“She's been compared to a vampire, a Valkyrie and a lizard queen–all  appropriate, since she looks undead, and ready to suck the life from  your still-beating heart."–Time Out NY

NEW YORK, JULY 15, 2007 — Avant-garde singer and virtuoso pianist  Diamanda Galás will appear at New Yorkâ€TMs hottest, new venue, the  Highline Ballroom, with two programs of songs displaying her signature blend   of sophisticated vocal weaponry and raw emotions: Imitation of Life on  August 6 (Monday) and 12 (Sunday), and Chansons Malheureuses and  Amanedhes (Melancholic songs and Amanedhes) on August 19 (Sunday). 

In Imitation of Life, Galás will transform classic jazz standards and
French ballads about the thrill and pain of romantic love into haunting   elegies to Eros.  The set of chosen songs draws its inspiration from   the ancient Greek meaning of desire â€" an ambivalent state of being   combining both the sweet and the bitter. Accompanied by her own ominous   piano, the dark queen of extended technique will deliver an unforgettable  set of songs, ranging from loversâ€TM blind fascination to carnivorous  desire.  “Love is akin to the courtship of the female praying mantis  who, right after mating, devours the maleâ€TMs brain matter,” says  Galás. “It is an obsession that prevails in the face of despair. Ending   it is too painful to contemplate, though not to digest.”  Both   concerts will include different selections of songs made famous by Earl  Grant (Imitation of Life), Chet Baker (The Thrill Is Gone and You Donâ€TMt  Know What Love is), Ronnie Earl (A Soul Thatâ€TMs Been Abused), Judy  Garland (Never Will I Marry), Nancy Wilson (The Masquerade Is Over),  Jacques Brel (La chanson des vieux amants), Juliette Greco (Amours perdues   and Bonjour tristesse), Edith Piaf (Padam, Padam), and Marlene Dietrich  (Je mâ€TMennuie), among others. It will also include selections from   Galasâ€TM upcoming compilation of tragic, homicidal love songs, Guilty,  Guilty, Guilty, to be released by Mute UK in the U.S. and UK on the Day of  the Dead (November 1, 2007), such as Ralph Stanley's haunting O Death   (The Reaper's love song), O. V. Wrightâ€TMs Eight Men and Four Women, and  the classic Autumn Leaves.

With Chansons Malheureuses and Amanedhes, scheduled for August 19  (Sunday), Galás will combine original compositions set upon the poetry of  symbolist and surrealist French poets with the dazzling vocal tradition   of the Amanedhes (improvised lamentations from Asia Minor and the  Middle East), and Greek and Armenian Rembetika songs.  The evening will  feature, among others, “Keigome Keigome,” “Hastayim Yasiyorum” by
Udi Hrant, songs by the great Stelios Kazantzithis and texts by Gerard  de Nerval, Aimé Cesaire, Jules Supervielle, and Ferdinand Freiliger.

Diamanda Galasâ€TM Imitation of Life (Monday, August 6 and Sunday,   August 12) and Chansons Malheureuses and Amanedhes (Sunday, August 19) will   take place at the Highline Ballroom at 8pm. The Highline Ballroom is   located at 431 W 16th St. (between 9th and 10th avenues).

Tickets are  $30. To order tickets, please call (212) 414-5994 or visit

About Diamanda Galás:  Hailed as one of the most important singers of our times, Diamanda   Galás has earned international acclaim for her highly original, operatic   and politically charged performance pieces, as well as her memorable   rendition of jazz and blues.  A resident of New York City since 1989, she   was born to Anatolian and Greek parents, who always encouraged her gift  for piano. She studied a wide range of musical forms, as well as  visual-art performance, before moving to Europe. There she made her   performance debut at the Festival d'Avignon in France in 1979, performing the   lead in the opera, "Un Jour comme un autre," by composer Vinko Globokar,   based upon the Amnesty International documentation of the arrest and   torture of a Turkish woman for alleged treason.  She also performed   Iannis Xenakisâ€TMs work in Paris with lâ€TMEnsemble Intercontemporain and   Musique Vivante.  Galás released her first recorded work in 1982, and   her numerous musical and theatrical works have since included the pivotal   Plague Mass (1990), the haunting mass for People with AIDS; Vena Cava  (1992), the solo voice and electronic work concerning AIDS dementia and  clinical depression; Schrei 27 (1996), which deals with torture in  isolation; the concerts/recordings of Malediction and Prayer (1998),   Judgment Day, Concert for the Damned, The Masque of the Red Death (1984 –
1988), and most recently, La Serpenta Canta (2004), a greatest-hits
collection from Hank Williams to Ornette Coleman, and Defixiones, Will and  Testament (2004).  Galás is currently working on the composition and   commissioning of the opera, Nekropolis. In 2005 she was awarded Italyâ€TMs   prestigious Demetrio Stratos International Career Award.  Her new CD, Guilty Guilty Guilty, featuring tragic and homicidal love songs, will  be released by Mute UK on the Day of the Dead (November 1, 2007).

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