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March 3rd, 2008

Dear Friends,

If you have been reading the newspaper, you have probably seen our campaign make a few headlines recently!  The past two weeks on the campaign trail have been INCREDIBLE, and I wanted to send you a personal message letting you know what our campaign has been up to. 

At the Republican caucuses in early February, I spoke in five different counties about the need for real conservative leadership here in Maine.  I discussed the three pillars of the conservative movement that MUST be united in order for a Republican candidate to be successful in winning this open Congressional seat in November: fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and national security conservatives.
Dean Addresses the Lincoln County Republican Caucus
It's easy to talk about conservative principles, it's another thing altogether to provide real conservative leadership on the issue that are most important to Maine's citizens.  I am a firm believer that the way a candidate campaigns for office tells the voters a great deal about how they intend to serve once they are elected.  Mainers from across the district are supporting my candidacy because they are tired of career politicians talking about change, but failing to produce real reform once they are elected.

Join my campaign today, and help me continue the fight to unite the three pillars of the conservative movement and create a coalition that can win this seat in November!  We have over one hundred volunteers helping our campaign, join the movement to help the citizens of Maine get their voice back!

Warm Regards,

Dean Scontras
Republican Candidate for Congress

Conservative Leadership on the Economy

Scontras Op-Ed: "Government Policies Endanger the Next Generation"

Dean Addresses the Danger of Runaway Entitlement Spending in the Brunswick Times Record

Dean Speaks with Voters in Kennebunk
"It's clear that the current cast of characters on Capitol Hill has failed our country miserably. I'm running for Congress to do something about it, because I refuse to leave to my young children a country in financial ruin…" – Dean Scontras

Click Here to Read Dean's Full Op-Ed

Scontras Speaks Up for Maine's Small Businesses at Cornish Candidate Forum

Small Businesses are Backbone of  Maine's Economy

CORNISH- Dean Scontras was the lone Republican candidate participating in a Congressional candidate forum in Cornish this past Sunday.  Dean challenged the 5 Democrat candidates on their tax-and-spend economic message, arguing that these failed policies have caused Maine to develop one of the worst economies in America.

Click Here to Read the Portland Press Herald Article

List of Business Leaders Endorsing Scontras Continues to Grow

Dean Earns Support the Old Fashioned Way

PORTLAND- Dean continues to meet with Maine's small business leaders every day, speaking with them about the need to keep our federal tax burden low, make the Bush tax cuts permanent, and repeal the Death Tax once and for all.
Dean with David MacMaster of Hallowell
The list of small business owners endorsing Scontras has grown from 50 to over 80 leaders in the past three weeks alone! Some of Dean's new supporters include:

Rep. Ron Collins, Owner of Collins Consulting in Wells, Linda Bean, Owner of Port Clyde Lobster, Steve Brackett, Owner of Brackett's Market in Bath, Gail Rizzo, Owner of Lake Point Real Estate in Belgrade, and Rick Snow, Owner of Maine Indoor Karting in Scarborough.

Join Dean's Small Business Coalition today!  Just e-mail with your name, the name of your business and where you are located.  We would be honored to have you on our team!

Conservative Leadership on National Security

Dean Debates Democrat Candidates on the Constitution
Offers Conservative Defense Against Attacks from the Left

PORTLAND- Dean stepped into the "lion's den" as the lone Republican candidate participating in a Congressional candidate forum on the "Plight of the United States Constitution" this past Wednesday in Portland.

Dean Debates 4 Democrat Candidates in PortlandDean argued forcefully that national security should be a top concern for Maine's next Congressman, and defended our military and our intelligence community's ability to use every legal tool at their disposal to detect and prevent a possible terrorist attack in the United States.

Dean was the only candidate at the forum who argued that our national security and keeping Americans safe  is more important that the impeachment of President Bush!

Click Here for Pictures, Video, and News from the Candidate Forum!

Scontras Fights for Immigration Reform at the Statehouse

Testifies in Support of Residency Requirement for Maine Driver's Licenses

AUGUSTA- Dean spoke out in favor of a new residency requirement in order to receive a MaineScontras Testifies at Statehouse driver's license at a public hearing of the Transportation Committee on February 14th.

Dean continues to be the only candidate running for Congress who has spoken out against Maine's "sanctuary" policies that continue to encourage illegal aliens to seek refuge here.

Special "thank you" to Representative Rich Cebra for hosting Dean at the committee hearing!

Click Here to Watch the Video of Dean's Testimony

Click Here to Read Dean's February 10th Op-Ed Piece on Maine's Illegal Immigration Crisis

Discussing the Issues Most Important to Mainers

Scontras Debates Democrat Candidates Across the District

Eager to Debate Republican Opponent

Dean Debates the Democrats

PORTLAND- Dean Scontras has had the opportunity to debate the Democrat candidates seeking Maine's 1st District Congressional seat many of times in the past few months. 

These debates have helped highlight the significant differences between Dean and the other candidates running for Congress, both on their issue positions, but also on the fact the Dean is the only political outsider running in this race.

But there are also significant differences between Dean and his Republican opponent on key issues such as the economy, healthcare, illegal immigration and abortion.

Dean Scontras for Congress Campaign Manager Michael Pajak sent a letter this week to the Summers for Congress campaign inviting them to participate in a series of no less than three debates  before the June 10th Republican Primary Election.

We are looking forward to a spirited debate on the issues!

Click Here to Read the Scontras for Congress Debate Invitation

Click Here to Read the Portland Press Herald's "House Candidates Agree to Debates"  

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