`Slumdog' evening? Oscar fave enters home stretch
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LOS ANGELES (AP) – "Slumdog Millionaire" is arriving at the last stop in its rags-ro-riches journey, steaming into the Academy Awards as the surefire
How to Fix the Oscars: Make the Votes Public
By Richard Corliss Sunday, Feb. 22, 2009 The Oscar show needs fixing – everyone agrees on that. Ratings for the Motion Picture Academy's annual rite of
The Oscars: Best picture is best bellwether
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Whichever of the five nominated films walks away with the academy's top prize tonight helps Hollywood gauge which way the biz blows.
Oscars set to shake up their act
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By Bob Tourtellotte LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – After three months of movie critics awards, audience awards and industry awards, Hollywood on Sunday finally
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Travelers have long been drawn to India for its ornate palaces, ancient temples and yoga-centric ashrams. But the Oscar-nominated movie "Slumdog
How 'Crash' and others spun bad PR into Oscar gold
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BY JOHN HORN | Los Angeles Times A successful Oscar campaign must include certain elements – favorable reviews, standout performances and the correct
Oscars Secrets Revealed!
Popeater, NY –
LOS ANGELES (Feb. 22) – The producers of this year's Academy Awards have given a handful of interviews – including a couple chats with PopEater – about the
81st Annual Academy Awards
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Hugh Jackman will host the Academy Awards this Sunday. He'll also be singing and dancing,… By Alice Walton and Robert Perkins, City News Service Hollywood
‘Slumdog' Fusionist in Oscar Spotlight
New York Times, United States – Feb 20, 2009
By BEN SISARIO AR Rahman knows how big a deal it would be if he wins an Oscar on Sunday. AR Rahman is one of India's most prolific film composers.
Oscars in spotlight
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By Rich Heldenfels Twenty years ago the motion picture academy decided to put on a boldly experimental telecast. It chose not to have a host and opened the
'Slumdog' Composer's Crescendo Of a Career
Washington Post, United States – Feb 18, 2009
AR Rahman has sold 100 million albums but is little known in the States. (By Chris Pizzello — Associated Press) Comments that include profanity or personal
'Slumdog Millionaire' boosts Mumbai tourism
USA Today – Feb 19, 2009
By Sajjad Hussain, AFP/Getty Images By Laura Bly, USA TODAY Nominated for 10 Oscars and a best-picture favorite heading into Sunday's Academy Awards,
Dev Patel talks about his 'Slumdog' role
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA – Feb 19, 2009
Dev Patel wasn't the first choice to play Jamal Malik, the slum kid at the center of Danny Boyle's "Slumdog Millionaire." The Indian actor who was
Beyond the Oscar Spectacle, Hollywood Is Grumbling
New York Times, United States –
Popular films like "The Dark Knight," top left, and "Wall-E," top right, aren't nominees for best picture. But "Frost/Nixon," above right, is.
'Slumdog Millionaire's' entire cast expected at the Academy Awards
Los Angeles Times, CA – Feb 19, 2009
There were worries that a trip to LA would further complicate the lives of two child actors cast from Mumbai's slums. By John Horn After weighing the
Child stars of 'Slumdog Millionaire' to attend Academy Awards ceremony
New York Daily News, NY – Feb 20, 2009
BY Christina Boyle Rubina Ali Qureshi, 9, centre, and Azhar Mohammed Ismail, 10, will take their first airplane trip when they attend the Academy Awards
Beaufoy blends Indian, British film styles
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA – Feb 20, 2009
Simon Beaufoy is no stranger to underdogs. "The Full Monty," which he wrote, was the classic underdog story. But he says "Slumdog Millionaire," which he
"Slumdog" is no cliche, says Indian author
Reuters – Feb 20, 2009
By Rebecca Harrison PRETORIA (Reuters) – There's an irony behind complaints that Oscar contender "Slumdog Millionaire" recycles cliches about impoverished
'Slumdog' composer Rahman up for 3 Oscars
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA – Feb 20, 2009
In India, AR Rahman's film music is often anticipated more eagerly than the movies it is made for. Rahman took the Indian film industry by storm in the
On why winning the Oscar still matters …
New York Daily News, NY – Feb 18, 2009
BY Joe Neumaier In 1994's "Quiz Show" â€" a dramatization of the 1956 scandal surrounding television's "Twenty-One" â€" director Robert Redford shows Herb
Welcome: A new era with 'Slumdog Millionaire'
San Francisco Chronicle,  USA – Feb 20, 2009
Today's cover story looks at a little movie, "Slumdog Millionaire," and its effect on the way the world views India. A strong contender for the best picture
Is Oscar worth our time?
News & Observer, NC –
By Craig D. Lindsey – Staff Writer Well, it's that time of year when A-list actors and actresses, acclaimed filmmakers, studio bigwigs and other assorted
India's 'sound' success
BBC News, UK – Feb 17, 2009
By Prachi Pinglay Danny Boyle's Slumdog Millionaire has already hit the headlines for its achievements – the first Indian film to win a Golden Globe and a
Oscar show in a battle for ratings
Gainesville Sun, FL –
By Bill Dean When it comes to tonight's telecast of the Academy Awards, it may be fair to say producers have taken a cue from the slim-and-trim Oscar
'Oscars list' dismissed as fake
BBC News, UK – Feb 20, 2009
Oscar organisers have dismissed a list claiming to reveal all those poised for Academy Awards as a "complete fraud". The document, circulating on the
FACTBOX: Facts about the Oscars
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(Reuters) – The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents its 81st annual Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday from the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood.
India Bets Big on 'Slumdog's' Oscar Success
ABC News – Feb 20, 2009
This image provided by Fox Searchlight shows the closing credits dance scene with Dev Patel as "Jamal" and Freida Pinto as "Latika" in "Slumdog Millionaire.
The Oscars as an indicator of global dreams
Financial Times, UK – Feb 20, 2009
By Nigel Andrews For film fans the season of holistic hoopla is back. At the end of each February a couple of hundred people, in a kingdom called Los
Oscar's blind spots
Naperville Sun, IL –
We're going to go out on a limb this year and say the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences did a pretty good job with the Oscar nominations.
'Slumdog' kids get ready for a trip to the Oscars
The Associated Press – Feb 20, 2009
MUMBAI, India (AP) – In the slums where they live, goats pick over piles of trash and men kneel in the street to pray. But the young stars of "Slumdog