by Claude Cartaginese, NewsReal

Yesterday, at the "Climate Summit" in Copenhagen, Denmark (an event that has degenerated into a world-wide Marx-fest), Amy Goodman, the sycophantic Marxist host of Democracy Now!, had the extreme pleasure (for her) to interview Evo Morales, the Marxist President of Bolivia, a country which is, despite being rich in natural resources, one of the poorest countries in the world.

While taking a break from trying to extort reparations from the West for an ecological debt Morales and the other Marxists in attendance have come to believe is owed them by the United States and other developed nations, Morales and Goodman seized the moment to talk about Capitalism, something which both of them profit from but each of them hates.

The resulting interview is just too bizarre to believe. If you can stomach it, it can be viewed here. Consider the following exchange:

AMY GOODMAN: You spoke yesterday here at the Bella Center and said we cannot end global warming without ending capitalism. What did you mean?

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES: [translated] Capitalism is the worst enemy of humanity. Capitalism-and I'm speaking about irrational development-policies of unlimited industrialization are what destroy the environment. And that irrational industrialization is capitalism. So as long as we don't review or revise those policies, it's impossible to attend to humanity and life.

AMY GOODMAN: How would you do that? How would you end capitalism?

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES: [translated] It's changing economic policies, ending luxury, consumerism. It's ending the struggle to-or this searching for living better. Living better is to exploit human beings. It's plundering natural resources. It's egoism and individualism. Therefore, in those promises of capitalism, there is no solidarity or complementarity. There's no reciprocity. So that's why we're trying to think about other ways of living lives and living well, not living better. Not living better. Living better is always at someone else's expense. Living better is at the expense of destroying the environment.

By golly, if living better is anathema to Marxism, then Morales is on his way to making Bolivia a socialist paradise.  Although extremely popular among poor Bolivians and indigenous Indians, (he is the first native Indian to have been elected president and was just re-elected to another term as president by a wide margin), he has done little for Bolivia except bring it to the brink of civil war and economic catastrophe.

He has nationalized energy companies, mining corporations, and telecommunication firms (leading to a meteoric drop in foreign investment), and has chosen as his economic model the failed and failing examples of Cuba and Venezuela, practically becoming Hugo Chavez's sock puppet in the process.  He has promised (as our own Socialist President Obama has) to radically transform Bolivian society by going on a spending spree (he especially enjoys spending money on sophisticated military hardware from Russia, Pakistan, North Korea and Iran), all the while running up deficits which he cannot pay down because those industries he nationalized, now that they are government run, no longer turn a profit.

Morales has reneged on his country's foreign debt, and, following the example of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe (who seized the properties of white farmers, plunging that country into economic ruin), has begun seizing the estates of the wealthy, a policy guaranteed to yield similar results.

This is the reality of the Marxist model, and Goodman, Morales and their comrades throughout the world want to shove their political ideology down the throats of all, including those who don't aspire to live under Marxist tyranny. And make no mistake-all Marxist states are tyrannical.

True to form, Goodman's last question plays to the one thing that Marxists are good at: punishing people. Morales' closing comments revolve around setting up a United Nations sponsored tribunal to "judge" those who do damage to planet earth:

AMY GOODMAN: I know you have to leave. My last question is: you've called for a climate tribunal; what do you mean?

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES: [translated] Those who do damage to planet earth and those who do damage need to be judged. Those who do not fulfill the terms of the Kyoto Protocol should also be judged. And for those ends, we have to organize a tribunal for climate justice in the United Nations.

With Marxism, history has shown us again and again that those "ends" Morales is talking about for the "judged" are usually harsh, literal ends that lead to only one place: the cemetery.