We would like to invite you to join Greek-American and Cypriot-American leaders from across the country and Hellenes from around the world at the 29th Annual Cyprus and Hellenic Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. — June 4 – 6, 2013, hosted by PSEKA and CEH.   At this time of economic crisis in Cyprus, it is more important than ever that we come together in Washington to press for US support for Cyprus and the end of its occupation and division.

Conference participants will again be meeting with the highest-level administration officials who formulate U.S. policy toward Cyprus, Greece and Turkey.  In recent years, we've met with U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom Suzan Johnson Cook, as well as dozens of other officials from the White House and State Department.
Participants will also be meeting with – as they do every year – over 45 key U.S. Senators and Members of Congress who serve on the pertinent committees and subcommittees, and others, that play a major role in the formulation of these matters.  
Attached and below is a conference agenda.
To participate in this important conference, please:
1.      Fill out and submit the electronic registration form.
2.      Mail in your payment to finalize your registration.
      Checks should be made out to "PSEKA Cyprus Conference" and mailed to PSEKA Cyprus Conference, 1100 New  Hampshire Ave, NW., Washington, DC 20037. Please indicate registrant name(s) in memo field.
3.      Reserve one of the reduced-rate hotel rooms ($279/night) at the Madison Hotel:
  • (before May 6) call the Madison Hotel at: (800) 424-8577 or (202) 862-1600.
  • (after May 6) contact Sophia Cotzia at PsekaUSA@aol.com or 718-545-7202
Please note the registration deadlines below:
  • Before May 28: Standard price, will receive confirmation receipt.
  • May 28 – June 2: $25 late fee charged
  • June 2: Registration closes. No forms will be accepted after this date.

We hope to see you in Washington, D.C. June 4 – 6 for this important conference. 


The Board of the Coordinated Effort of Hellenes



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

10:30 a.m.       Registration begins
                              [Madison Hotel (15th and M Streets N.W., 202-862-1600)]

11:00 a.m. –     Briefing session and opening remarks (lunch served)
   4:00 p.m.      [Madison Hotel]
7:00 p.m. –       Welcoming buffet reception hosted by the Ambassador of Cyprus
  9:00 p.m.         [Cyprus Ambassador's Residence]
Wednesday, June 5
9:00 a.m. —      Breakfast honoring key Members of Congress
  10:00 a.m.     [Cannon Caucus Room, 345 Cannon House Office Building]
10:00 a.m. —    Reception with approximately 30 key Members of Congress
  12:30 p.m.     [Cannon Caucus Room, 345 Cannon House Office Building]
1:00 p.m. –        Lunch and meetings with key U.S. Senators
  3:30 p.m.       [Senate Office Building]
6:00 p.m.         Cocktails
7:00 p.m.         Banquet
           [Madison Hotel]

Thursday, June 6   

9:00 a.m.         Breakfast
                                [Madison Hotel]
10:00 a.m.       Presentation / Panel Discussion
                                [Madison Hotel]
11:00 a.m.       Closing Session
                                [Madison Hotel]