Who alerted the police and intelligence units reported to Istanbul

a warning letter sent to the Public Prosecutor's Office, on May 29th, the anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul Ecumenical PatriarchBartholomew to be made ​​to assassinate reported.Serdar assassination notice. 

A name is not mentioned along with the idealistic "Reis" occur, taken care of. Istanbul police and intelligence agencies sounded the alarm. Bartholomes ago, were tight security circle, and then in Istanbul in March, "discovery" Serdar allegedly for. A detained. Kayseri, businesses and people of Kurdish origin, foreign nationals and that a record Serdar threatening. A, A. Arguments of refused and was released. Kayseri "jurisdiction" with the decision of the Anti-Terrorism Act 10 of file Article (TMC) officials and sent Ankara deputy chief public prosecutor launched an investigation. 

I've described the assassin 
Warning letter assassin defined as follows: 
"The pain registered in the population, divorced, children see once a month. His mother and siblings he does not have. Problematic and that there is now nothing to lose itself, absorb into missionary in Turkey, it is for the Sahabiye district Reis Idealist Workers Association worker is a person and a person with the power still in the Organized Industrial Zone, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew 's plan to murder. Exploration work will realize then that action. " 

"I made ​​up as a dream" 
Intelligence units as a result of research, Serdar A. 's located in Istanbul between the dates of March 15 to 20 were indeed. Upon this, the police Serdar A. 't on March 28 in front of the Regional Directorate of PTT while visiting Kayseri Melikgazi Hunat detained. Serdar A., ​​testimony denied the accusations. Serdar A., ​​and interviewed people in Istanbul Laleli tram stops are located at the opposite shop that operates the villagers, the road to Istanbul on April 14-15, if it finds that the benefit aims to work alongside villagers said. Serdar A., ​​Bartelemous'un not know where you live and what is the task of, as far as I knew he had seen the press, and the study stated that there was no intention to kill. Serdar A., ​​query, it's the psychological state of the environment as a source said he would kill the Patriarch said, "There is no one directing me to this idea or dispatch. Imaginary discourse of this kind of made it up myself," he said. 

OUTPUT priors 
Serdar A. 's, 10 May 2007, with the company in Kayseri Judge Marketing from 8 July 2007 to the Association of American Culture "of death threats and extortion claim" tried for crimes sentenced to five years in prison, fines that are postponed out. Serdar A. 's, and finally Kayseri Haci Bektas-i Veli, BDP, EMEP, Kayseri to places such as Workers' Culture House "Be Smart breath on your neck. Dialogue have made news. Someday all of you will drown in the blood of a martyr traitors …"threatening letters were sent in the form of death and insulting. 

IN 2008, was taken into custody 
Warning letter names, while the other two people on the police investigations, Serdar A. 's investigation file by the Office of the Prosecutor in Kayseri, Ankara, Turkey 10 Anti-Terrorism ActPosted Başsavcıvekilliğine agent in charge. According to an intelligence report from the prosecutor's office at the request of Ankara Serdar A. 's, 3 August 2008, a notice is sent to the Istanbul Police appeared due to the 05 August, was taken into custody.