QUESTION: I have a question on Greece.
MS. PSAKI: Okay.
QUESTION: Two days ago, the Greek Government shut down the Greek public television. 2,500 of our colleagues are out of a job. In Europe, they believe that it is a violation of the freedom of the press. Do you have any comment?

MS. PSAKI: Well, we have seen, of course, those reports. I don’t have anything for you on this specifically. We recognize these are, of course, difficult times, economic times, and support Greece and have empathy with Greeks during this economic crisis. We understand the need for reforms that will make Greece more competitive and prosperous in the future.
QUESTION: But to fire 2,500 people is a reform, you think?
MS. PSAKI: I don’t have anything specific for you. It, again, is a tough economic time and we support Greece in the tough choices that need to be made.