Catsimatidis: "I am the only one in this race that feels the pain of small businesses."

John Catsimatidis, the successful businessman and independent Republican candidate for Mayor, today released his roadmap to ensure that New York City remains the economic center of the world by supporting its small business community. The Catsimatidis Plan is a common-sense outline of incentives and reforms aimed at supporting and retaining small business in New York City.

John Catsimatidis said, "I have been a CEO for 44 years and have built one of America's most successful privately held companies. But I have never forgotten where I came from. I grew up on 135th Street in Harlem and started out as a small businessman. I know the importance of small businesses to New York City."

"I am the only one in this race that feels the pain of the small businesses of our city. Throughout my career, I am the one who, like them, received the rent increase notices, the rising water bills and the flurry of tickets on delivery trucks."

The Catsimatidis common sense plan on Supporting Small Business in New York City outlines an innovative approach to retain, recruit and support small businesses in New York by creating a Small Business Advocate, reforming the onerous regulatory scheme and incentivizing small businesses to remain and hire in New York City.

"Small businesses cannot afford the fines and regulatory burdens the city is placing on them," continued Catsimatidis. "They also cannot afford lawyers to help navigate the complicated bureaucracy of New York City government. My plan to create a Small Business Advocate and streamline the regulatory system will help the small business community in New York City to grow and succeed."

Click here to read The Catsimatidis Common Sense Plan on Supporting Small Business and stay tuned for future policy papers from John Catsimatidis.