Interview of Teresa Studzinski and Dr. David Leffler at Geopolitics and Daily News

– In Europe, many analysts are speaking about a new "cold war era" between Russian President Putin and US President Obama. This chilly relationship was obvious at the G20 conference, where cameras "caught" the two leaders sitting at a distance from each other, making critical and challenging statements, and taking opposite positions on significant matters. Would you say that this climate of dispute between the two countries will last and may get bigger in the future?

It is important to remember that there is a difference when we share with the reader our opinion on how the international political climate and interaction of superpowers is going to evolve. We do not say what we simply think will happen. We talk on the basis of statistical data provided by over 25 years of research and field tests showing the effect of the implementation of the Unified Field Technology (the TM and TM-Sidhi technique), known widely in military circles as the IDT system (Invincible Defense Technology). It is the technology which gives a scientific – that is statistically observed during consistent replications, and therefore predicted – result. It gives statistical prediction how the political and economic situation will evolve. If the IDT technology is implemented – the situation develops according to these statistical predictions. If the IDT technology is not implemented, the political and economic situation is left to guess. This is where the US and Russia, Europe, and the majority of nations are today, making guesses concerning the future. What are these statistical predictions? Please, refer to research data regarding effects in warfare – (including international conflict), and effects in peace (pertaining to the economic development).

If the US and Russia implement the Unified Field Technology (IDT) system in their militaries, then the climate between the two countries is statistically predicted and guaranteed to improve, nothing less than that. Both countries will be on the path to very fruitful cooperation and both nations will enjoy economic growth. Again, this is a statistically based prediction, not a political promise or intellectual opinion. If both superpowers neglect the most modern, statistically tested Unified Field Technology – IDT system and continue to use statistically untested solutions and random political demagogy, they will be where they are now, making guesses, and nations will continue to struggle and suffer. To use a historic example, they can follow the 1992-2000 Mozambique pattern of growth, or they can share the 1992 Angola way down to nowhere and the UN unable to create a permanent solution.

There is also a third option. The US and Russia will be on the way to improved bilateral relations which will be dictated by a third party. Their behavior in a statistically guaranteed way will be shaped and planned by someone else from afar. We would like to make it clear that this is already happening. This third party emerges in Latin America, Africa and Asia, where large groups of military are deploying the Unified Field Technology – Invincible Defense Technology (IDT). Venezuela, Brazil, Thailand, Ecuador, to name a few. They train and create Preventive Wings of the Military and are beginning to enjoy the statistically proven Unified Field effect. The phenomenon of the Unified Field Effect is a scientific reality of life. At the same time the US and Russia present an under informed attitude to this most advanced method and use old fashioned much weaker technologies. Their outcome we witness today.

– Today, the United States and Greece have a good diplomatic relationship, sharing the same beliefs about the events taking place in the Middle East. How would you describe Greece's geostrategic role in these events as a US ally?

Greece, with its geopolitical situation, can play a pivotal role in bringing stabilization for the Middle East region. Greece can use a scientific way to achieve this position by creating the Unified Field Effect domestically and in the region. The Greek leadership would have to be open to learning about the new most powerful solution, tested, available and used for a long time by other nation's militaries. All the scientific data, the objectives which can be achieved by the head of state and the chiefs of staff of the Greek military by employing the Unified Field Technology can be studied, and used for the benefit of Greece. Two sets of goals can be achieved, again:eliminating conflict and violence, improving the quality of life index and the economy nationally, in Europe and the Middle East region. The Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military (GAPWM) offers its full support in the undertaking. This is a precise method which is implemented according to a strict business plan involving training, discipline and precise logistics.

The research done on field tests with the Unified Field Technology at the time of President Reagan's administration and President Clinton's administration prove what the technology can achieve. The Unified Field Effect involves improved international relations, global stability, causes reduction of terrorism by 72 percent, and brings increase in the economic performance in a scientifically verified way. Greece can implement the Unified Field Technology – IDT domestically, on the scale sufficient enough to immediately improve the situation at home, and simultaneously in the entire Middle East region. The tool for achieving this leadership role is training and maintaining Preventive Wings in the Military. They are called "The Unified Field Technology Quiet Impact Groups." Should the US and/or NATO forces join the Greek project, the effect of stabilizing the Middle East region will be faster, and with the IDT permanently in place it will be long lasting.

– Greece is a country facing two serious issues this year. The first one concerns the dispute over the name FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), where no solution has been reached. The other one concerns the Exclusive Economic Zone over the nation's sea borders, which has met with strong opposition from Turkey. We all saw this resistance from Turkey when Cyprus and Israel first exploited the "Leviathan" sea field. What is your view on these matters?

Yes, there are a lot of issues concerning the region, and there are many interests which seem to be conflicting at the same time – Macedonia, Cyprus with the Greek and Turkish groups that cannot find a common language, the complex question of sea trade. Plenty of these issues are brought out to the UN forum, still with doubtful effect of resolution. What we consistently notice is that the problem exists not in the lack of good ideas or proposal of treaties on paper, but in the lack of the unanimous will to follow them. This unwillingness to cooperate, and to agree is an issue. This lack of coherent cooperation is most often based on stress and fear to lose some economic safety, some local sense of security or limited sense of control. Again, we believe that Greece has an option to become a leader and to improve its regional cooperation, safety and economic performance. This can be accomplished through utilization of the Unified Field Effect that is provided by Unified Field Technology through establishment of Greek Preventive Wings in the Military.

When tested in peacetime, the Unified Field technology – IDT, by creating a phenomenon of the Unified Field Effect resulted in decrease of misery index, drop in unemployment and in the rise in a quality of life index. This is a statistically guaranteed effect of the operation of the Unified Field Technology group. This is where Greece and all other countries in the region can choose to go with the statistical certainty of achieving the result.

If Preventive Wings in the Military become fully operational in Greece, the effect, as observed in 50 statistical studies (1972-1994) with consistent replications of findings, will be calming down all disputes and presently difficult dialogues such as between the US and Greece, Greece and Turkey, Greece and FYROM, Greece and Cyprus. There is also a very effective economic plan which can be implemented together with the Unified Field Technology. The plan is based on full employment, public service and price stability. With such a combination of the scientifically prevented violence and a simple effective economic plan, Greece, Europe and the Middle East region is on a fast path to statistically guaranteed security and economic well-being.

– In recent days we have been witnessing an effort to reduce the budget allocated for US army equipment and personnel. There is also an effort by the US administration to withdraw forces from areas like Iraq and Afghanistan. The most recent example was a constant reference to money spent per day over possible military action in Syria. Many say that these cases might not only affect the US army's capacity to act, but also reduce US effectiveness in diplomacy and foreign policy, since according to Kissinger, diplomacy is only as strong as strength in arms. Would you share this belief?

Reducing budgets is a concern not only of the US military but also of the Greek armed forces. Greece and the US are not the only countries experiencing financial crisis. Worldwide, many militaries are being or will be called upon to maintain their effectiveness and readiness despite cutbacks. Therefore, it will be necessary for already stressed, overworked military personnel worldwide to continue to do more with less.

In this respect, another quality of the Unified Field Technology comes into play. We talked about the Combined Impact of the Unified Field Technology (IDT) answering previous questions. It was the Unified Field Effect experienced by the population, which was discovered consistently by modern statistical science. The Unified Field Technology has also a powerful Individual Impact – which is experienced by the military personnel implementing the Unified Field Technology. It is the profound improvement in all areas of physical and mental health as confirmed by over 350 studies published in leading peer-reviewed journals over the past 40 years and conducted at over 250 independent research institutions and universities.

Doing more with less by military professionals means they will be even more challenged to defend their nations under even more difficult circumstances. Such higher demands will likely continue to lead to increased stress, tension, depression, marital discord and divorce, more use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. These manifestations of stress further reduce the fitness, effectiveness and operational readiness of individuals. Increased stress also takes its toll in other ways, such as increases in spousal abuse and suicides. Obviously, reducing or even eliminating stress and the associated performance-limiting behaviors contributes to improved individual performance and successful military campaigns. Both hardened combat veterans and "green" troops realize that if they could be free from stress and strain they would perform more dynamically.

This is why militaries are also using the Individual Impact of the Unified Field Technology – IDT to do less and accomplish more by increasing the effectiveness, efficiency and resilience of their men and women in uniform. For more information, please see this article published in Defence and Security Alert Magazine describing how military personnel worldwide are using IDT.

– There is ongoing discussion and disagreement about UAV drones and their use, both on the battlefield and by police on US citizens. What is your opinion on this?

Proponents of UAV drones portray them as a cutting-edge technology that provides strategic dominance because of "their ability to identify targets and strike with precision." Obviously, there are advantages to be gained from implementing such technologies. Opponents of UAV drones argue that drone strikes, especially the strikes resulting in non-combatant casualties create more enemies with every strike. They say UAV drones "contribute to an increasing militarization of everyday life," "make military activity more likely," and make it easier for decision makers to "carry out this military activity by stealth" and thus to be "less accountable" for their actions.

There is one aspect in using UAV drones which for us is the most important to consider. As any piece of technical equipment sent to operate in the sky via links in cyberspace, UAV drones can get into the hands of terrorists. As history has proven, it is probably a matter of time. The picture can be rather gloomy when one realizes the nation that owns UAV drone weaponry has a defense system which has no statistical guarantee of its own effectiveness. The US and other nations have no defense system that would protect their nations with a statistically guaranteed success at all, not to mention a terrorist UAV drone situation. As hard as that sounds, it is a fact of life.

To summarize our opinion regarding UAV drones, it is all right to have them. At the same time, introducing UAV drone weaponry into one's military repertoire, it is highly irresponsible to continue ignoring the only terrorism prevention technology which has the statistically proven success of efficiency, and creates statistically proven "Stop the Killing" impact. This is the Unified Field Technology – the IDT system. Whatever it involves, that is the way nature engineered it. This is not for man to judge. It was for man to reveal it and make use of it. The technology works. The Unified Field Effect is the only verified way to provide a statistically guaranteed anti-terrorism shield and cyber security. Terrorism is terrorism, regardless of the weapons used. (For more on this point see the article "Utilizing Powerful Peace-Creating Technologies to Combat Cyber Warfare"). When using UAV drones, the Unified Field Technology – IDT is a must for every national defense strategy.

Welcome to the modern era of using super-symmetric fields of nature for peaceful, safe abundant life in every nation. The fields that we will probably never be able to see, as we don't see other fields of nature's functioning that we have been using already. However, we are able to engage them and enjoy the results.

Editor's Note:

For detailed data on the field tests and 50 statistical research studies (1972-1994), refer to:

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About the Interviewees:

Picture of Teresa Studzinski Teresa Studzinski is the President and Co-founder of 
The Global Alliance for Preventive Wings in the Military
a 501 (c)(3) organization, and CEO of Technology and 
Transformation LLC
Teresa is an Expert in the Unified Field Technology – 
IDT Social and Military Application and 
a member of The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics 
Association – AFCEA International. She is also a 
businesswoman and formerly investigative journalist, 
member of The Foreign Press Association in New York 
and The National Press Club in Washington, D.C., 
she travelled widely to interview such political figures 
as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former US National 
Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Henry Kissinger, 
and many others.
Picture of Dr. David Leffler Dr. David Leffler is the author of "A New Role for 
the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising – 
Reviving an Ancient Approach 
to Peace." He received his Ph.D. in Consciousness-
Based Military Defense (Invincible Defense 
Technology – IDT) from The Union Institute & University 
in Cincinnati. Dr. Leffler was a member of the 
US Air Force for nearly nine years. 
He is a member of the U.S. Naval Institute and served 
as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group 
at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army 
War College. Dr. Leffler now 
serves as the Executive Director at the 
Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) 
and teaches IDT. 
He is on Twitter.