NEW GREEK TV brings Greek programming to the Greek-American community of the United States, and produces programming geared to the New Generation of Greek-Americans.

 NEW GREEK TV showcases all Greece has to offer, current events and news from Greece, the United States and our community. NEW GREEK TV serves as an informational platform for all Greeks around the world by providing the latest updates, videos and a hub to submit personal stories and opinions.

NEW GREEK TV is currently available on Time Warner Cable and RCN. The objective of this petition is to reach out to all other service providers (Verizon FIOS, Direct TV, Cablevision, Direct TV, etc.) in an effort to make NEW GREEK TV available to all.

We need you to share this petition with your friends, family, neighbors and social media so we can make this happen. PLEASE ADD YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS and CURRENT SERVICE PROVIDER (COMMENTS section). 

Thank you!