A statement issued at the Holy Antiochian synod- Balamand May 27 2016

The Holy Antiochian Orthodox synod, was held and presided by His Beatitude John X in its seventh extraordinary session, from May 25 to 27-2016 at Balamand. The following archbishops were present:
– His Eminence Georgios (of Mount Lebanon and dependencies).
-His Eminence John (of Lattakia and dependencies).
-His Eminence Elias (of Beirut and dependencies).
– His Eminence Elia (of Hama and dependencies).
-His Eminence Elias (of Tyre and Saidon and dependencies).
-His Eminence Antonios (of Mexico, Venezuela, mid-America- and the Caribbean Islands).
– His Eminence Sergius (of Chile and Santiago).
– His Eminence Damaskinos (of Sao Paulo and all Brazil).
– His Eminence Saba (of Horan and the Arab Mount).
– His Eminence Georges (of Homs and dependencies).
-His Eminence Silouan (of Bouines Aires and all Argentina).
– His Eminence Basilios (of Akkar and dependencies).
– His Eminence Ephraim (of Tripoli and dependencies).
– His Eminence Ignatius (of France and south- west Europe).
-His Eminence Isaac (of Germany and Mid-Europe).
– His Eminence Joseph (Of New York and North America).
-His Eminence Gattas (of Baghdad and Kuwait and dependencies).
– His Eminence Silouan (of the British Isles and Ireland).
– His Eminence Antonios (of Zahle, Baalbek and dependencies).
The following bishops were also present:
• His eminence bishop Mousa al khoury.
• His Eminence bishop Nicolas Baalbaki.
• His Eminence bishop Athanasios Fahid.
• His Eminence bishop Dimitrios Sharbak.
• His Eminence bishop Costantine Kayyal.
• His Eminence bishop Ephraim Malouli.
• His Eminence bishop Nicolas Ozone.
• His Eminence bishop Gregorios Khoury Abdallah.
• Besides, the clerk of the synod Rev. Georges Dimas.

At the same time participated in the synod the following Fathers:
• Rev. Archimandrite Jacob Khalil (the abbot of the monastery of Balamand).
• The first priest Porfirios Georgy (the dean of the theological school).
• Rev. Dr. Bassam Nassif ((professor at the theological school).
• Mr. Tarek Mitri.
• Mr.Hassan Rishe.
• Mr. Georges Nahas.
• Mr. Reymond Rizk.
• Mr. Carol Saba.