“A mighty foreign intelligence service has video and audio recording how the incident in Kumanovo was planned”-this is news on all main media in FYROM. 

It is asserted by “anonymous diplomatic sources” that a long video-recording exists of the “meeting of Albanians with members of the foreign intelligence service”.

The battle of Kumanovo, at 9th of May, was followed by “interpretation” of the events by experts who work outside the government, as “a Greek plan to destabilize the country”. In the heavy fight in Kumanovo 8 police-officers and 10 members of the Albanian militia lost their lives. While the VMRO-DPMNE government preferred the “policy of silence” , many journalists took the step further, announcing and speculating that Greece is the only country that would have “interest in disintegration of the country” as well as adequate means of infiltration into FYROM.

The insiders concluded that the resignation of minister of internal affairs, Gordana Jankulovska, as well as the resignation of the chief of FYROM’s Directorate for Security and Counter-Intelligence, Sašo Mijalkov (a cousin of FYROM’s PM Nikola Gruevski) is due to pressure upon them to resign due to the security failure at Kumanovo