The National President and Chairman of the Cyprus Children’s Fund (CCF), Inc Mr. Savas Tsivicos announces the list of Foundations that will be helped by the CCF this year. A total of $60,000 which was the net profit of CCF 2015 Gala Dinner, will be donated in its totality, to the following organizations/foundations in Cyprus:

1.Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus, Nicosia. This donation will support a program that feeds poor children in Cyprus.

2.Independent Social Support Body, Nicosia. This Fund was created by the First Lady of the Republic of Cyprus, Mrs. Andri Anastasiades to help Cypriot students who study at the University of Cyprus and cannot afford tuition on their own.

3.Hope in Life Foundation, Nicosia.Hope in Life is a non-profit Organization founded in 2012 with a goal to protect children’s rights especially in education and nutrition as well as to inform and alert the public in children issues.

4.Theodokos Foundation, Limassol. The foundation was founded in 1969, with the aim of providing basic care and rehabilitation to children with severe mental retardation.

The President and the Scholarship Committee of the CCF has also recently announced the 2015 Scholarships in the amount of $55,000 to Greek and Greek/Cypriot students who study full time in American Universities.

Cyprus Children’s Fund has been supporting needy children in Cyprus since 1974, with a program that connects sponsors in the USA with underprivileged children in Cyprus, based on one-on-one sponsorship. The funds are sent to Cyprus four times a year and every last cent reaches the families in Cyprus.  The organization currently supports over 400 children.

In addition to the above, last year’s $50,000 in scholarships, the yearly sponsorship program funds and almost $70,000 in other donations add to a total of over $400,000 in donations, scholarships and children sponsorships in the last two years.

The President of the organization notes: “ We are extremely happy to be able to help Cypriot children and Greek, Cypriot students who now need us the most. On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to express our greatest appreciation to all of our donors and sponsors who make this possible. We want them to know that their generous contribution truly makes a difference in the lives of needy children”.