Important issues will be discussed at the meeting

33rd Meeting of Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly

The 33rd meeting of the Syrian Coalition’s General Assembly began yesterday in the headquarters of the Coalition in Istanbul on Friday.

The meeting will discuss a number of important issues, particularly the latest field and political developments, including the outcome of the latest Astana meeting, the results of the latest round of Geneva negotiations, and preparations for the next round of negotiations in Geneva.

Tabled for discussions are the April 4 chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun, the regime’s military escalation against the districts of Barzah, Qaboun and eastern Ghouta and the rebel infighting in eastern Ghouta.

The meeting will also discuss the final reports by the Coalition’s presidential body, the General Assembly, and the political committee whose tenure ends on Friday. The meeting will also discuss a report by the Syrian interim government on the results of its work, especially after the European Union has announced its strategy to support the interim government’s projects aimed at providing services to the population in the liberated areas.

The General Assembly will also elect a new presidential body, comprised of a president, vice-presidents, and the secretary-general and a new 19-member political committee.