Space does not allow a complete discussion of the many facets and complexity of the following subject.

At one point, President Barack Obama said he wanted to change the United States. I believe he may have been successful, and universal health care was the first step in the process of installing that change.

It is my opinion, some lies were told to the American people as well as a delayed payment scheme devised to mask the true cost of universal health care. This was easy to accomplish as it was estimated by the government that many people believed insurance companies are in business to sell insurance.


With this belief, people would believe an insurance policy that insured against everything would be acceptable, particularly if they didn’t have to pay for it. Insurance companies would love it because they would get to sell insurance to everybody.

I believe the plan included a delayed payment scheme to allow time for people to develop the idea that universal health care was a right. Meanwhile, the Obama administration would slowly reduce other costs incurred by the United States in order to pay for the insurance. This involved reduction of the military, less participation in foreign affairs, and keeping the tax structure at the current level. Diversion was accomplished by emphasis on other concerns such as environmental issues.

Politicians knew that problems would begin to develop when, for example, 75-year-old women realized their insurance plan covered birth control pills and childhood diseases. Young people began to realize their plan covered old-age conditions. Also, payments by young and old alike covered their plans as well as plans owned by people who could not afford it in the first place. As a result, after the delayed time period, payments began to skyrocket and people as well as insurance companies began to drop out of the market.

Politicians knew these problems would eventually develop. The plan included the next president, Hillary Clinton, saving the day by adjusting the Affordable Care Act to a single=payer program (new entitlement program that would give the government total control over one-six of the economy). From that point, the government could expand into other areas of control such as environmental issues. After all, the primary purpose of a bureaucracy is to control something.

Toward the end of Obama’s term, everything began to go wrong. Donald Trump won the election and he knew that insurance companies are in business to make money by selling insurance.

Now, many people are beginning to realize that insurance companies are in business to make money by selling insurance. That is why an insurance company will take the time to design a policy to fit the particular needs of a 75-year-old women. Competition between companies will produce policies that are better suited to the individual and at a lower cost. This tendency will be increased if insurance companies are allowed to sell across state lines.

The reason I believe Obama, at least in part, has succeeded in changing the United States is that so many of our politicians have become bureaucrats and are controlled by their egos, special interest groups and the power establishment. They no longer represent the people. The politicians have become convinced the solution for problems is for them to expand their control over the people.


On the other hand, people expect free health care and increases in wages for menial tasks while maintaining Social Security benefits for the baby boomers. This we can afford as long as we keep borrowing money. Not only do we have fake news, we have a fake economy.

In the last decade, many people have been convinced that capitalism only benefits the rich, thereby producing poverty for everybody else. Also, many people have decided that Donald Trump, the man, is pure evil. Therefore, Trump does not have the backing in Congress (Democrat or Republican) to be effective in major policy changes.

Just think about it. In one decade, the national debt may be completely out of control, Russia may control the Middle East, North Korea may have ICBMs and China may control the South China Sea. Our government does not need to be spending time micromanaging our insurance policies!

We will know the truth when Congress tries to reduce taxes.