By Hasan Öztürk, Yeni Safak

We have completed the four-day U.S. visit with Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, which focused on the one-hour-and-twenty-minute meeting between Yıldırım and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in the White House.

 After the meeting, Yıldırım went to New York and made the first statement there: “To tell the truth, the meeting was very fruitful. We, sincerely and honestly, talked about our problems.” The prime minister’s facial expression when he boarded the plane gave us clues that the meeting was really good. He came to us smiling and let us ask our questions.

He was also positive during the morning walk the day before, but he was cautious about some issues in the question-answer section. In fact, he was right to be so. Primarily about Reza Zarrab’s trial on Nov. 27.  

I wrote three possible discussion topics in the previous article – which were addressed during the meeting with Pence. Yıldırım during the meeting highlighted that the evidence included in the Zarrab case was “not legally obtained.” 

Yıldırım said, “We have told them that the way the evidence was obtained was not legal, that those who prepared these documents are being tried in Turkey, and accordingly the trial will be against the basic rules of law.” 

The Zarrab case is concrete evidence showing FETÖ’s efforts to move its Dec. 17/25 judicial coup attempt to the U.S. We think FETÖ has relations with the U.S. So, the U.S. is trying to do what it could not do in Turkey through FETÖ in the U.S. itself. 

FETÖ’s illegal wiretapping and fabricated tapes are being shown as evidence in the Zarrab case. FETÖ ignored the law while preparing the Dec. 17/25 plot – for which they were judged. Please remember the judges who read illegal notices in front of the courthouse. 

FETÖ was also addressed during the meeting between Yıldırım and Pence. Yıldırım said, “We certainly believe that FETÖ is behind the coup. So, the extradition process should begin. Ninety percent of our people believe that FETÖ is the perpetrator of the coup.”

Enemies of Turkey siege the White House

Turkey-U.S. relations are really worse than ever. Yıldırım thinks the crisis can be overcome “by looking at the big picture.”

Anti-Turks have almost sieged the White House these days. Aware of this, Yıldırım said, “The vice president and I are responsible for putting the current good relations between the two presidents into practice.”  

In short, both parties try to eliminate problems. Yıldırım also stated, “As two significant deputies of the two strong presidents, we are greatly responsible for the restoration of relations.” 
Meanwhile, we heard that the U.S.’s support of the PYD/ YPG-PKK terror organization will continue for a while longer.

As such, Turkey and the U.S. are insistent on their own arguments about the terror corridor in northern Syria.

We will follow the results of Yıldırım’s U.S. visit. I think the most important thing will be the reflections of Turkey reopening the way of dialogue on the White House. But we have come to ask the question of “which U.S.” when the U.S. is mentioned.  The Pentagon, White House and CIA have different views of Turkey. When we were in the U.S., anti-Turkey articles led the U.S. media.
We want the White House’s views of Turkey to be accepted in the U.S. The course of the U.S.’s “civil war” in the post-Trump era will affect the course of Turkey-U.S. relations.