By İbrahim Karagül, Yeni Safak

There are strong suspicions that those who brought Turkey and Russia to the brink of war by downing a Russian warplane are preparing for a similar sabotage. 

The spark of a new conflict in Turkey’s west under the guise of a Turkish-Greek crisis in the Aegean, on the orders of the Atlantic circles, may be spurred once again using the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

It may be thought that this scenario is behind the war of words between Turkey and Greece regarding a crisis in the Aegean, particularly the use of war discourse targeting Turkey by Greek politicians. Chief of General Staff Gen. Hulusi Akar’s “Turkey has the strength to fight at two fronts simultaneously” statement during the ongoing Afrin operation most likely pointed to the perception of this threat.

The current situation shows that those who cannot do anything to Turkey from the outside are preparing for an operation to bind it using those powerful circles that are positioned inside the system. The possible scenario is for an “accident” to occur as the tension in the Aegean rises, Turkish equipment to strike a Greek boat or ship, a Western front that is under the protection of the entire EU and U.S. to suddenly be established, and for our country to be dragged into a great crisis both from the inside and outside.

The US set up a trap for Turkey in Syria

Of course the perpetrator of the attack that will be blamed on Turkey, which circles within Turkey were utilized, and how the plot was conspired will not be clear for a long time. Just as the Russian warplane was downed by the Turkish Air Forces on the Syrian border. That attack too was blamed on Turkey; the government tried to explain the situation, and later it was revealed that it was executed by the FETÖ terrorists within the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) who received orders from U.S. intelligence.

Immediately following this, Turkey-Russia ties were severed, all gains until that day were destroyed, and Turkey was bound to U.S. plans in Syria. Finally, it was understood that the U.S. actually set up a trap for Turkey in Syria. Of course, it was the July 15 attack which made this whole map clear. The U.S., Europe, Israel and some Arab countries jointly used FETÖ, which was positioned domestically in the country, to conduct the greatest attack in Turkey’s political history. With that attack, Turkey was going to be drawn to the U.S. axis once again, downsized, the Thrace region was going to secede, and east and southeast Anatolia was going to split.

A new start with Russia annihilated the US-Israel game

That night, if the July 15 coup attempt had not been defeated, the country was going to be divided, and Turkey was going to be explicitly dragged into a war with Iran. Those who planned the ordeal had ruined Turkey-Russia relations and prepared for a war with Iran. FETÖ, the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) and Daesh were coordinately used in this project. However on that night, history was reversed and all plans were reset. Turkey and Russia made a new start; initiative was taken in Syria by forming a tripartite mechanism with Iran. Then all plans of the U.S. and Israel for Syria collapsed. Turkey’s Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations are the results of this truth being seen.

The plan that did not succeed internally was then mobilized in Syria’s north. By using the PKK/PYD, an anti-Turkey front that reaches from Iran to the Mediterranean was formed. However, this plan too was ruined by the Afrin operation. The Mediterranean door of this plan was shut. It became clearer that the issue was not a terror matter and that a total war against Turkey was being prepared for in that zone once Afrin was taken under control. Now the U.S. is trying to start new Syria efforts against Turkey and Russia by calling France to Syria.

They thought the Afrin operation would take very long, and that Turkey would be locked be paralyzed. They intended to conduct an operation inside Turkey from that region. However the speedily completed operation identified new targets. Turkey delivered new resolute statements regarding the east of the Euphrates.

Up until the Iranian border should be cleared, we should be on red alert in the Aegean

They have resorted to aggressive moves from Turkey’s west this time as they could not cause destruction with FETÖ from the inside and failed to bring Turkey to its knees by surrounding it with a terror corridor from the south. This is exactly where the scenario of the sinking of a Greek ship amid a Turkey-Greece clash in the Aegean – in a similar way to the downing of the Russian jet – emerged. Turkey must be very careful, take steps to foil this scenario and never permit a new front to be established. New threats are:

1. To once again sabotage Turkey-Russia ties.

2. To foil the alliance between the Justice and Development (AK) Party and the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP).

3. To make moves in Syria’s north together with France to siege Turkey.

4. To cause chaos in the Aegean.

These are some of the multi-national projects aimed to bring down Turkey from the inside, downsize and thwart its historic rise. If there is an attack from every front, then there will be a defense on every front. Whatever they do, they will not be able to halt Turkey’s great march.

All the scenarios they plan to implement until Turkey’s 2019 elections will blow up in their faces. In that case, the process we initiated with Afrin must continue, the entire border until Iran must be cleared, and this time, perhaps for the first time, we should be on red alert in the Aegean in the case of the events that might take place there .

Whatever the price, Turkey must never hesitate; it must respond with offensives to new plots to be formed domestically using FETÖ and the PKK, pressures of the U.S. and Europe and the sabotage run by some Arab countries through Syria.

There is no other way.

The ruses of “secret mappers” will be spoiled!

Turkey will not stand for a new sabotage that uses FETÖ or the PKK/PYD, a new multi-national attack, a new “inside operation,” or the slyness of “secret mappers,” and will ruin this great ruse.

If all centers of evil are moving into action before the 2019 elections, then all the dynamics of this nation will also take action.

I am drawing attention to the danger in the Aegean once more, and am calling for extraordinary sensitivity.