Exceptional speakers at the Club’s luncheon (photos)

On March 23rd, 2017 the Rotary Club of New York celebrated Greece Day under the most capable Chairmanship of Board Member Harry Pateroulakis. He had arranged for General Christos Manolas to be our most esteemed guest speaker. General Manolas is a Greek retired Hellenic Army officer and the former Chief of the Hellenic Army General Staff (24 February 2014 – 25 February 2015). Born in Athens, he entered the Hellenic Army Academy in 1976 and graduated in 1980 as an Infantry 2nd Lieutenant. He followed a career in the Hellenic Army’s special forces, including as a company commander in the Special Forces Training Centre (1981–82) and in the 2nd Paratrooper Squadron (1982–86), followed by a stint as an instructor in the NATO International Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol School in Germany (1986–88). On his return, he served as instructor in Greece’s Unconventional Warfare Training Centre (1988–91), as commander of the elite Special Paratrooper Unit (ΕΤΑ) (1991–93) and of the 5th Special National Guard Battalion (1993–95). He also graduated from the Hellenic Navy’s elite special warfare Underwater Demolition Unit (MYK).

We were honored by visitations by many ranking Greek members of the New York area and abroad and by visitors from our friends from the University of Leuwen, Belgium and others.

Past President Jan Brown introduced our newest member Michael Snizek, an accomplished lawyer, into the club. Welcome Michael!

General Manolas was then introduced by Chairman Harry Pateroulakis with all the most impressive accolades including the many languages the General is fluent in. It quickly became clear that he was an indeed a true expert of the Greek history and culture and he gave indeed a most comprehensive overview of his topic: Greek Independence Day: Symbol of the Liberation of the Spirit and Independence of Thought.br>
President Can Erbilgin presented the General with Honorary Membership in the Rotary Club of New York, which he proudly accepted.

The meeting was complimented by a traditional Greek menu and adjourned at 1.20pm 

Photos by Gizem Ozturk – Report by Andreas Runggatscher

From left to right Honorable Guest Speaker General Christos Manolas,
Bulgarian Consul General Milen Lyutskanov, President RCNY Can Erbilgin,
Greek Dignitary and Chair of the Day Harry Pateroulakis

President Can Erbilgin in discussion with Greek Dignitary

A buzzing room with one of the People Movers Representatives filming the events

President Can Erbilgin at our historic podium

President Can Erbilgin with Singer of the Day, Scarlett Pildes and invocator Theodore Perednia

Theodore means “Present from God” in Greek. He delivered the invocation.

Mary Shakleton from the Metro NYC Club at our luncheon

A bit of fun at the head table.

Past President Jan Brown introducing new member Michael Snizek

Michael Snizek delivering some remarks of thanks.

Chair of the day, Harry Pateroulakis, welcoming the dignitaries and introducing the speaker of the day.

General Christos Manolas during his presentation.

Honorary Membership for the General presented by President Can Erbilgin.

Source {Τhe Rotary Club of New York}